Looping list and add to tuple

Hello, I have a list and want to move it to map or tuple or I have a 3 map records of Repo.all, then after editing this record I want to save these to a map

[a, b, c] |> Enum.map(fn item -> item + 1 end)

now I need to save them to a map like

[a, b, c] |> Enum.map(fn item -> item + 1 end) |> ADD_TO_MAP_OR_TUPLE

how can I do this?

What do you want to look the result like?

Perhaps take a look at List.to_tuple/1.

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To produce a map, you might use Enum.into/3 directly:

[:a, :b, :c] |> Enum.into(%{}, fn item -> {item, to_string(item)} end)
#⇒ %{a: "a", b: "b", c: "c"}

This is what I need, but it converts to a list, but I need tuple too, is there a cod for tuple ?

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I am lost. It does not convert anything to the list. Please clarify what output do you expect to receive.


Im sorry I made a mistake that output is a map like %{a: "a", b: "b", c: "c"} now I need output that be a tuple like this: {a, b, c}

Please refer to the answer by @NobbZ then. |> List.to_tuple() after map would do.


it doesn’t work I tested it,

%{a: "a", b: "b", c: "c"} |> List.to_tuple
** (ArgumentError) argument error
    :erlang.list_to_tuple(%{a: "a", b: "b", c: "c"})

if there is no module I think I should delete keys and move the value to new tuple.
or I can convert map to list and list to tuple

You are trying to convert map to tuple with List.to_tuple/1. It obviously does not work. It works on your initial mapped data:


Thank you very much, I wrote many code today I think I need to go bed :smile: