OPPORTUNITY: Help me port Alpaca client to Elixir

I am presently working on porting a client for Alpacaa platform for algorithmic tradingto Elixir.

I am looking for someone with decent familiarity of the most common packages in Elixir (e.g. HTTPoison, Phoenix.Socket).

Basically, the JS client has some code I think I can just use these sorts of packages for instead. I want you to help me identify what I don’t need to write for myself.


Since it’s a client, you most likely won’t need Phoenix.Socket. And you’d probably need a websocket client instead, there are several, https://hex.pm/packages?_utf8=✓&search=websocket&sort=recent_downloads.

From a quick skim, the package doesn’t do anything other than making http requests / websocket connections, so you can have a look at any other elixir library that wraps some rest / ws apis to get an idea how to write them.

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