PagerDuty is (always) looking for smart people

PagerDuty has adopted Elixir and is always looking for new people to help us out in our mission to make people lose less sleep and be more successful. We’re growing fast, and have a ton of open positions, both for our Toronto and San Francisco offices as well as remote (*).

Our codebase is a mix of Ruby, Scala and now Elixir with plans to have more of the last and less of the first two. We’re building very highly available systems spanning multiple AWS regions, have a very healthy DevOps culture, and we always attempt to do less bikeshedding and more “GSD” although that’s not always easy. Tools in use include: Kafka, AWS (a lot of it), ElasticSearch, MySQL, Nomad, Chef.

PagerDuty is the best employer I’ve had in my 25 year career. 'nuff said there, I think, but don’t take my word for it.

If you want to help build a platform that will have actual impact on people’s lives from small businesses to fortune 50 organizations, don’t be shy and apply. If you want more info, feel free to ping me here on ElixirForum or anywhere else where the handle cdegroot is a thing.

(*) we’re slowly becoming more remote friendly; currently, we’re at “North America and senior positions only” in our ramp-up towards global teams and total world domination :wink:


I’m surprised I hadn’t seen that blog post already. I’ll be looking at your job listings shortly!

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Interested in the remote position and will certainly be reaching out shortly. Nice to see more companies becoming remote friendly.


So, which was the lunch: special or bad or outstanding???

Lol. Back then we have a dozen people in an office sublet from another startup in Toronto (500px). We therefore could order lunch with a very small catering company that didn’t scale - we had to switch later as we grew - but made excellent food. I think I hit the jackpot with the team’s favorite, steak day.

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Oooh, steak day! Clearly neither you nor I should go to work for WeWork any time soon!

I think that that’s now a virtual impossibility indeed :wink: