Potionx: A toolkit for building Elixir GraphQL apps with Absinthe + Phoenix + Vue/Vite + Pulumi + Kubernetes

Hello Elixir community, we’re happy to introduce Potionx, an open-source attempt to provide a standardized end-to-end recipe for building and deploying apps with Elixir, Vue/Vite and Absinthe (GraphQL). It is inspired by RedwoodJS, BlitzJS and Supabase in Javascript-land.

Potionx includes a generator akin to Phoenix’s generator to quickly generate a working project that deploys to a live environment. It includes:

  • User and user identity management with Pow/Pow Assent
  • Absinthe GraphQL
  • Phoenix
  • A recipe for a deployment to Digital Ocean’s Kubernetes on every git push (more providers coming soon)
  • Github CI testing and deployment
  • Easily extensible admin UI made with Vue/Vite and Tailwind

For more details and a getting started guide please visit: docs.potionapps.com

We’ve set up a Discord for discussion and help:

If you’d like to vote on or make requests or would like to follow the roadmap, the best place to do that would be here: https://potion.hellonext.co/.

It’s still very early days so you can expect more than a few kinks, but we are very actively working on the project. We plan on adding many more features to make the process of developing reactive production Elixir + JS apps as easy as possible.


Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

Curious to know why Vue/Vite was chosen over LiveView. Can you share the rationale behind the decision?

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