Trying to hire pairing partner to help setup authorization between rails and phoenix project using JWT

I have an existing rails and react project aimed at sports coaches. I have made a simple phoneix app that gives watered down view only access to the main apps data which is meant to be accessed by a coaches players. A team can range anywhere from 20 to 30 players, which is why I chose to do this in a separate phoenix app. I have JSON Web Tokens hooked up on the rails server and I was hoping to give authorization access to the phoenix app through this same JWT.

my phoenix app already has guardian installed but not all the way setup as I am past my current knowledge with phoenix. hoping to use Guardian JWT to decode the token and provide details on what data the user can access. anyways, looking forward to hearing from you.

if your interested in pairing to help me through this, let me know what your rate is and how we can get in contact and what your rate is. Thank you!

I’d love to help you integrate the JWT tokens between your rails and phoenix app. You can reach me on upwork and we can discuss the timelines and deliverables

hey erobit, i need to close this, i got help from someone on codementor, thanks for the reply!