Any location update for ElixirConf 2019?



Moving back to the east coast next year? They usually announce at the end of the previous conference.


It’s taking place in Denver, Colorado.


It’ll be in a suburb called Aurora, CO, the first stop off the train from the airport. Jim said it is a 5 star resort with indoor waterpark that is currently under construction, but should complete in the Spring. He got a great deal by booking it at this stage of construction.


It’s really something else! It’s a massive resort/conference center.


I believe it’s this one:


Ooooo really? This might be something I could convince my wife to let me take her to then. ^.^


Will there be a Conf in Europe 2019?


Seems there is an answer now:


Nice! Prague is a great city! :023:


Indeed. Cheap beer! Was a great choice and kudos to the team.


Hey, most of the speakers have now been announced for ElixirConf EU :slight_smile: