Elixir Developer looking for a remote work (or partially remotely in Warsaw)

Hello there!

I’m Patryk Nowak and I’m Elixir developer and as my current project in Elixir is coming to the end and to avoid coming back to PHP (at least in the current company), I would like to move on.

I live in small village 50km from Warsaw. I prefer to work remotely or partially remotely in Warsaw, as I have diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis since I was 16 (I’m almost 27 now).

Long story short: I know Elixir quite decent. My current project, that’s coming to the end, is in Elixir & Phoenix. I also know PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby and Python (last one only for fun).

My resume covers more relevant informations, such as experience, projects I’ver worked on, education and links to my GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. There’s also my mail to contact me.

If you would be interested to hire me, please know, that I will have 3 months notice period, but I will try to shorten it.
Resume Link