Full Stack Developer - 79 Blue Elephants, On Site in Vienna or remote in EU

Introductory paragraph
Do you believe that not only software, but also people need to continuously develop to reach their full potential and ensure long-term success? We share this belief. Let’s journey together. We support your growth through a plethora of development opportunities – from soft skills training and individual/team coaching sessions to engaging workshops, as well as hard skills courses tailored to your development needs.

If you are a goal-oriented individual, capable of structuring and managing big goals, maintaining a friendly demeanor and keeping a cool head in stressful situations, you would be a perfect fit for our team.

About us

My name: Stefan Boeck
My position: CEO
Company name: alpha awards, a 79 Blue Elephants GmbH product
Company website: www.alpha-awards.com
Company headquarters (country): Austria
Company info and history: The 79 Blue Elephants GmbH, based in Vienna, was established in 2014. We specialize in developing online tools that enable our users, primarily national and international companies and organizations, to successfully manage digital evaluation processes.
Currently, we are in a transformative phase, evolving our service-based software into a scalable DIY product. Our mission is to become the global leader in B2B submission management with our software by 2030.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Developer
Job description:

  • Development and maintenance of our Elixir/Phoenix backend
  • Collaborative development of new solutions with the team
  • Continuous improvement of tests and documentation of developed solution

Salary range: EUR 45.000-60.000 (depending on experience & know-how)
Position on remote work: On Site Vienna ore remote EU
Qualifications or experience required:

  • At least 2 years of experience in backend development with Elixir/Phoenix or another functional language, or several years of experience developing and maintaining production systems with Python, Ruby, or other backend technologies and looking forward to learning Elixir.
  • Experience with CI/CD, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes or similar technologies
  • Experience with databases, preferably PostgreSQL
  • Proficiency in english

About the interview process
Step 1: Send your application to stefan@alpha-awards.com
Step 2: Short meeting to get to know each other, where you’ll share your experience, ask questions and tell us what you’re interested in (30 mins)
Step 3: Technical interview (60 mins)
Step 4: Join the team

Further info
We are a team of seven individuals, soon to be eight. Three (soon four) members work on the technical development of the product, while the remaining three focus on marketing, sales, and support. Stefan spearheads our growth strategy and implementation, and is responsible for attracting top talents to our growing team.


Hey, are you still open for applications?

Hi Daniel,

yes, we are still open and we are looking forward to receiving your application.

Have a nice day