Introducing Scrumex: an open source agile management tool written in Elixir

Hello everyone. Today I’m proud to announce the open-sourcing

Elixir has been my choice because I wanted to learn the language at the time and so I build Scrumex to experiment and learn. Sorry if the code is not the nicest but I plan to clean up asap.

There are a couple of companies that already use it in production as their main tool for the management of the IT scrum process and I would love to see more people using it and contributing to the project.

The idea was to have something rich like Jira and simple like Trello, and I would like to continue on that path.

Interested in getting started? As of today you can:

Some of the features right now include the possibility to:

  • create and edit stories
  • manage and give priority to the stories in your burndownchart
  • create sprints
  • assign stories to yourself
  • comment on stories
  • add and manage team members for a project
  • mention team members in comments

I’m excited about the future of this project and the future of Elixir! Let me know what you think and tell me if you would like to contribute/use the project!


This is awesome. Great work.

I wonder how hard would it be to make this work in Kanban style (like Pivotaltraker or Trello). I really like how in Pivotaltracker, stories are pushed out of the current sprint to account for velocity.