NTRU encryption with elixir

Hi everyone.

I am always fascinated by cryptography. Especially the asymmetric-key type of cryptography (public-key and private-key)
So i follow it’s news and things on the internet.

In cryptography world one thing is for sure. No matter what your algorithm is, someday it is going to be broken.

And for RSA and all elliptic curves, this is only a matter of when and not a matter of if! Since Peter Shor have found a way for that using a quantum algorithms way back in 1994. (learn more about Shor’s algorithm)

Anyways, there are quantum computer resistance cryptography algorithms (Post-Quantum cryptography) like NTRU. I wanted to try NTRU but there was no implementation for elixir nor erlang.

So i used libntru to create a NIF for using NTRU in elixir.

I have to say i don’t have any experience in developing cryptography libraries and it would be awesome if some of you guys take a look at it and help making it better.

Also currently ntru_elixir only contains Makefile for linux based systems. A windows and bsd Makefile would’ve been awesome. (blink blink)

Thank you all.
And happy new year :slight_smile: