Senior Backend Engineer @ Stitch Health (Benchmark + Y Combinator-backed)


Stitch Health is a care coordination platform for healthcare teams. Our mission is to deliver real impacts on healthcare outcomes by improving the ability for patients and providers to collaborate. Our software suite includes tools for team messaging, patient messaging, and patient management, delivered through modern web and mobile technologies. Our users are healthcare teams — consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and more — and their patients.

Our technology recognizes the need for healthcare teams to easily access critical patient data wherever they are, from any device. To achieve this, our stack is Elixir/Phoenix/PostgreSQL on the back-end, React on the front-end, native iOS and Android, and Electron for desktop. Today, we’re a small but cohesive team. We’re growing fast and expanding our engineering team over the next several months.

Stitch is based in San Francisco, CA and is backed by some of the world’s best investors, including Benchmark Capital and Y Combinator. We’ve raised a Series A round and already serve over 70 healthcare organizations every day. Read about us here.


  • Build and improve our web application platform of interconnected products, including team messaging, patient messaging, and patient management tools
  • Define, prototype, iterate, test, ship and maintain features and improvements for our web products, web architecture, application security and application database
  • Collaborate with founders and backend team, mobile team, and desktop team to help company-wide full stack development needs

Technical Challenges

  • Building a seamless cross platform experience focused on extremely high daily active usage
  • Using Elixir/Phoenix to build a scalable platform for millions of providers and patients
  • Creating a Stitch App Store for developers to build on the Stitch platform
  • Developing EHR integrations to access patient data
  • Security requirements to meet HIPAA and other stringent Enterprise security requirements

Immediate Projects

  • Architecture for adding in additional modules to our platform, enabling us to open new lines of business.
  • Optimistic UI so providers can continue caring for patients across a range of suboptimal settings, from offline to low connectivity.
  • Open API for customers to begin adding custom integrations.
  • Analytics services that provides population health insights based on patient data flowing through Stitch teams, for example search term trends within Stitch.


  • Owner: you own the responsibility of ensuring your work is delivered with great quality, that users love the experiences you build for them, and that you go the extra mile on projects that help Stitch set a new industry standard
  • Learner: you are excited to learn new strategies, workflows, and technologies, can adapt to changing situations, handle unseen challenges and excel in areas you didn’t know you’d need to
  • Collaborator: you have strong communication skills and can collaborate effectively throughout the day and during weekly sprint reviews
  • Experience: 3+ years professional software engineering
  • Technical skills: Elixir, Phoenix, React, Mobx, Webpack 2, Yarn, ES6


  • 3+ years professional software engineering experience
  • Mastery of Elixir, Phoenix 1.3
  • Experience with Phoenix 1.3 Context-based architectures
  • Experience writing unit tests using ExUnit
  • Experience architecting and building a scalable, fully redundant, fault tolerant infrastructure for a cross-platform application
  • Experience with large scale, high-volume, production-quality messaging architecture
  • Experience with healthcare security and compliance (HIPAA)
  • Work experience at early stage companies
  • Academic background in computer science (BA/BS or MS/PhD) or equivalent experience


  • Mission driven
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • Meaningful equity
  • Meaningful ownership

Please contact me directly at:


Feel free to ask me any questions as well about this position right here via PM.


@sergio: It’s general question, so I will not send it as pm:

Is it onsite or do you allow also remote work?

I’m on the other side of the globe (Poland) and let’s gently say that travel to USA it’s not on top of my plans. :smile:

You do not need to care about my time. I’m always at least near my PC or smartphone (notifications) and I have already worked for people in other time zones (also in USA).

Seriously :slight_smile:?