Statix 1.4.0 error after upgrade to elixir 1.15.1 and erlang 26.0.2(from 1.14.4, 25.3) -- "lost value due to port closure"

Hi all, after upgrading to elixir 1.15.1, erlang 26.0.2, I’ve seen

[error] Markably.Statix histogram metric "pipeline_rest.update_mby_tasks_aggregator.push_delivered" lost value 161 due to port closure

I’m not sure where to start with this.

this is the location where the call is made:

  @impl true
  def handle_out("task:update", payload, socket) do

      "user:" <> socket.assigns.user_id,

      Timing.unix_ms_now() - payload.enqueued_at

    {:noreply, socket}

Any suggestions?

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Just wanted to say we’re seeing the same thing after the upgrade. There are tons of these error messages during our unit tests.

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Did you manage to find a fix for this, I’ve just started hitting this after upgrading…

No I’m afraid not. I revisited it thinking it was misconfiguration but I don’t think it is.

Ya you can find a bunch of info and a fix in this issue:

The problem is that the project seems to be abandoned because the maintainer isn’t responding. We ended up just forking the project and merging the fix in for now…


ok thanks a lot, appreciated.