Any projects/series that talk about why they design an app/feature that way using erlang/elixir?

Basically like the title says. I’m looking for example applicaitons or projects where the creators talk about how and why they implemented a feature (e.g. their supervision tree, ets etc.)

So sort of like design patterns for elixir/OTP if that makes sense.

1 Like is a pretty good start for understanding the VM itself.

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Thanks I’ll give that watch on the weekend!

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It wasn’t clear to me if you were looking for content from the folks that created Elixir/Erlang, or just projects in general where folks talk about what they’ve done and why. I started to delete this post but I’ll leave it in. If it’s not what you’re looking for, I appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

This content was just released as announced in the educational materials forum:

It reportedly introduces Elixir and Elm as used to build the Firestorm forums project. I have to admit, however, that I have not seen the content myself yet as it was recently released.

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