Help with answering questions about Elixir

Hi! Can you guys help me answer a few questions here -> There are some that I didn’t know and would like your help. Thanks!


I’m on my phone atm, but here is a quick update - all your other answers look good to me :023: perhaps others can add more too :slight_smile:

Is Elixir supported by one or more large organizations?

Elixir was created at and is sponsored by Plataformatec :slight_smile:

There are also many other companies sponsoring various Elixir related projects, communities and conferences.

Does Elixir have an official community manager?

Each Elixir community channel is managed independently (Not sure about Slack or IRC, but José Valim (Creator of Elixir), Chris McCord (Creator of Phoenix) and Robert Virding (One of the creators of Erlang) are all on the admin team on the Elixir Forum). The Elixir Forum Exercism team is managed by @nobbz (Norbert Melzer) and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being contacted for any of our Exercism team related issues :slight_smile:

The Exercism team are also very welcome to post on the forum should they need any feedback on anything in particular (we also have an exercism tag) :slight_smile:

Are there any organizations who are targeted specifically at getting certain subgroups or demographics interested in Elixir? (e.g. kids, teenagers, career changers, people belonging to various groups that are typically underrepresented in tech?)

I think there are a few, here’s one that springs to mind:

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