Liveview failing to update on window losing focus

Has anyone noticed that upon handling a phx-blur event on input text element as a result of the browser window losing focus, LiveView fails to update the field? The handle_event is processed, but the DOM is simply not updated.

To repeat this bug, have a number of input fields without the form’s phx-change event and have each input text with the blur event. Have the the values obtained in the handle_event function upcased before changing the state (so that all input elements caps the text when losing focus). When focus is lost by clicking or by pressing tab key in the same window, all is well but the field that has focus when another window is activated will not be updated by LiveView. If using pubsub and another browser window to view changes, the I-believe-is-a-bug will become all the more obvious.

I am running Elixir 1.9.0, Phoenix 1.14.11, LiveView 0.4.1 on Windows.


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