Phoeinx 1.3-rc Removed Application config_changed

I’m using distillery 1.4, edeliver 1.2.6, and coform 2.3.2 to deploy a clustered phoenix application.

In Phoenix 1.3-rc they have removed the config_changed function from the MyApp.Application module and recommend that it be removed in the the upgrade guide. Without that function it seems like digested asset paths are not updated on hot code upgrades. I was having trouble with hot upgrades and assets and so I added that function back in and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Does anyone have the same experience? Do you know why that’s no longer the default? Is this the correct approach?


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I’ll revive this old thread because this is almost exactly what I came here searching for. We still have that config_change function in our Application module and it calls Endpoint.config/change but even though the hot deploy works at the Elixir level, the assets are 404-ing.

I understand the basics of the GenServer code_change callback, but I’m having difficulty tracking down advice on how the config_change is supposed to work. I’d appreciate any pointers to more discussion. I assume it’s supposed to be part of the appup file Distillery generates, but I still don’t quite see how the pieces fit yet.

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