Senior Software Engineer - Remote - Eastern/Pacific Timezone

Introductory paragraph

We are a small team of rebels (headquartered in Toronto, Canada) building a disruptive highly concurrent and distributed planetary-scale e-commerce marketplace & platform leveraging best of breed AI, Blockchain and IoT technologies to disrupt the food supply chain on a Phoenix backend. Yes, we are a stealth startup but we have a viable business model and are generously self funded. The project is a full-time contract for an initial duration of 6-months to build a prototype. However, if the prototype is promising, we will onboard the successful candidate as a full-time employee with an equity stake.

About us

My name: Zaki
My position: CEO and CTO (I am the lead architect, developer, data scientist and machine learning engineer). Our CPO lives in San Francisco, US.
Company name: VYDL Inc.
Locations: Toronto, Canada and San Francisco, US

About the job

Job Title:
Senior Software Engineer (Backed or Fullstack Engineer)

Job Description:
You will be primarily focused on the design, development, delivery and sustainment of the Backend infrastructure with opportunities to play across the full architecture. We are incorporating our own Blockchain, and leveraging Nerves as our IoT platform. Additionally, there is a chance to work with AI and Data Science pipelines into the fold as well (Yes, we will be using Elixir Nx in production). In this new role you will have an expanded opportunity to take ownership of the architecture, learn & push new technologies, help lead a new tech team, and influence the technical direction of our platform.

Competitive Full-time Contract (first 6 months) and from thereon Full-time employee and Equity stake.

100% remote. Flexibility in working in Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific US or Canada timezones.

Candidates with prior production Elixir and Phoenix experience in e-commerce marketplaces, social media & gaming platforms, real-time transaction-based systems or other platform-based businesses (like Uber/Ubereats, Airbnb, Grubhub, DoorDash) are desirable. However, we will consider strong candidates in other languages and frameworks if there is an active desire to ramp up in Elixir and Phoenix.


  • Minimum of 2 years experience writing Elixir code OR 3 to 5 years in another programming language
  • Experience developing and scaling Phoenix Framework applications, and GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience with Ecto and performance tuning PostgreSQL databases.
  • Experience in building e-commerce apps, marketplaces, APIs and payment gateways

Nice to Have:

  • Docker containerization
  • Kubernetes
  • Dabbled in Blockchain or IoT development
  • Frontend technologies (JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Ember, Angular, or Alpine)
  • Mobile App Development (Flutter, Swift, Kotlin)

Tech Stack you will be working with:
We have nicknamed our tech stack the ‘PENALTY’ stack. It comprises of Phoenix, Elixir, Nerves, Alpine.JS, LiveView, TailwindCSS, Yugabyte (with Postgrex/SQL query layer).

About the interview process

Its a simple process:

  • Email me at for appointment. No agencies and no part-timers please.
  • Initial conversation with me. If you are in Ontario, Canada, we could meet up in Toronto (Home of the 2019 NBA Champions) with proper social distancing of course.
  • Coding Challenge & Technical discussion.
  • Additional team member interviews
  • Job offer

Come join us on a new adventure!


Based on feedback, we are expanding our incentives as follows:

Competitive Full-time Contract (first 1 - 2months) and from thereon Full-time employee and Equity stake. Additionally Part-timers (20+ hours a week) are welcome who can eventually transition to full-time permanent.

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