Elixir Backend Engineer @ InsideTrack (Full-time, Remote)

Introductory paragraph
InsideTrack is passionate about student success. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to create adaptive coaching solutions that generate measurable results. These solutions combine professional coaching, technology and data analytics to increase enrollment, completion, and career readiness. Our adaptive coaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral science research and knowledge gained from working with more than 2 million students and 1,600 programs. In combination with our uCoach® Platform, our approach optimizes student engagement and generates valuable insights on the student experience through predictive modeling, behavioral analysis, and multichannel communication.

About us

My name: Jared Smith
My position: Backend Engineer
Company name: InsideTrack
Website: https://www.insidetrack.com/
Country: US
Company info and history:
Currently, we are in the process of rewriting ruby services into elixir/phoenix services and are collapsing many of those services where it makes sense into a larger monolithic elixir application. Our front end is written in React and is a spa application, and we have both iOS and Android mobile applications. Our infrastructure is all on AWS, and we are working on moving our applications to Kubernetes.

About the job

Job title:
Senior Backend Engineer

Job description:
As a backend software engineer, you will be responsible for architecting and building the services that drive our coaching platform. We plan on giving our clients unprecedented visibility into the coaching process and operations. With this opportunity comes tremendous technical challenges around ingesting, managing, and understanding high-volume streams of heterogeneous data.

Position on remote work:
We fully embrace remote work at all levels of the company.

Qualifications or experience required:
5+ years of industry experience with a proven track record of ownership and delivery

Have deep expertise in at least one modern programming language – i.e. Elixir, Ruby Java, etc.

Understand fundamental algorithms and data structures (maps, lists, trees, etc)

Know how to make the tradeoffs required to ship without compromising quality

Appreciate agility and pragmatism in software development

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Building APIs to support mobile apps, web UIs, and data ingestion applications.

About the interview process

  1. Apply using the form here
  2. You will be contacted for a quick screening phone call
  3. Technical Manager phone call
  4. A coding challenge with one of the team members conducting it.
  5. Additional team member interviews
  6. Job offer

Further Info:

If you have any questions you can contact me at jared.smith@insidetrack.com

Otherwise please apply on our job website, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.


This is only remote within US (source: discussion on Slack)


Bumping this up we hired one person and are actively searching for a second to join our team.

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Just applied!

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Awesome! Look forward to interviewing you!

It’s sad. :frowning:

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