How is the freelancer/contract market for elixir/phoenix?

So I am looking for a general feel of what types of jobs are out their for elixir/phoenix developers, and specifically the freelancer/contract market for remote development.
I got into scala a few years back and worked in the market for while, but most of the jobs required onsite work. Beyond that I noticed that many of the companies that adopted scala were larger shops, and they seemed to be mostly in the banking/financial sector… I don’t get too excited about working for a bank.

So having said that, what is it like being elixir/phoenix dev? Are there remote contract work opportunities out there? What sort of industries seem to be more prevalent?

As a general observation, it seems to me that companies have become more open to remote work over the past few years, across many industries and languages.


Also check out our #community:elixir-jobs section :smiley:

One thing I have noticed is that more and more companies which were using Ruby are becoming interested in Elixir, I guess partly because so many in the community are coming from or have come from Ruby - which is great, because Ruby has traditionally been very popular in the web space :023:


I noticed that too.

I’ve been freelancing for about 20 years. Lots of Flask and Rails work in recent years, but one trend I see is that nearly every single team I work with that’s using Rails has Elixir and Phoenix either on their radar, or they’re already dabbling with it.