Livebook_env - a tiny library to import .env files in livebooks

I’ve started to use livebooks as living documentation of the progress of my projects. E.g. if I need to explore an API to create a tool that monitors it, I’ll start with a livebook to explore the examples. I find this much more long-lived than using an API exploration tool like Postman.

I instantly hit the issue of configuration, wanted to use standard .env files for secrets, private keys etc. I couldn’t find any solutions to this, so I modified the dotenv library and release livebook_env - a little utility for important .env files inside livebooks.

Use it like this:

  {:livebook_env, "~> 1.0"}


Obviously this is geared towards local development, and teams of people who also share .env files. It’s not intended to be a replacement for live online collaboration around secrets.


How it is used:

How it is made:


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