User auth tables managed separately or all in one table?

Please I need a help on something, I am new on elxir/phx. I came from the background of Core Php coding style without framework trying to lay my hands on elixir/phx tech. I have a project that will require user authentication table, users table (This will hold more info about the use) and also user roles/permissions table ( that’s activities a user can do or cannot do on the app), but I am having challenge on how to manage this tables, So my question is, is it better to have the tables managed separately or should I merge all of them into one table? Thank you guys in advance.


Create a new topic on the forum

  • Navigate here
  • Use the new topic button on the right side
  • And add your questions there
  • You will get a lot more help

That beign said you can get a lot of auth with pow

okay thanks

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