Is GraphQL with Absinthe, Phoenix, and React a good combo for a small application?

Is GraphQL with Absinthe, Phoenix, and React a good combo for developing a small application which may get traction and get busier?
Is this combo better than vanilla server-rendered Phoenix with vanilla JavaScript plus-minus Stimulus, plus-minus LiveView?

If it’s so, then I’m gonna buy the new course by PragmaticStudio called Unpacked - Full-Stack GraphQL with Absinthe, Phoenix, and React and start learning this combo.

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Consider SvelteJS as an alternative to React. Smallelr/faster runtimes and may integregrate better with LiveView JS Interop.


If all these technologies are new to you, then maybe you should go with something simpler, something you feel comfortable. Otherwise, the technologies should be good enough. I prefer GraphQL to REST, makes a lot of things easier and with better guarantees.


SvelteJS seems to be the new kid in town. Did You notice a faster render than React? which is already fast…

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I tend to agree with @bzhr to try to go with something simpler first… especially if you haven’t learned these technologies yet or don’t have much time to learn/invest. Personally I’d give LiveView a shot at first to simplify and speed development unless your experience or requirements dictate otherwise.

That said, I haven’t watched this one but all the other Pragmatic Studio courses I’ve seen are EXCELLENT so if you do want to learn that stack it would be a good way to go.


I recommend more traditional way than React. It adds complexity, especially if you are a single developer. On the other side, if you really want to go with React, I found the React setup with Phoenix + Webpack really pleasant (as opposed to Rails where I tried it too).