IoT Platform Software Engineer – Remote/Hybrid/In-person, it doesn't matter


Exosite is a fast growing company, leading the drive to deliver Internet of Things solutions to the marketplace. The Delivery Team develops and delivers Exosite’s market leading software products using modern software development and deployment methodologies.

As a Platform Software Engineer within the Delivery Team, you will have the responsibility over individual components and input across the entire system. You will be expected to deliver throughout the entire design, development and deployment life cycle of the backend services within Exosite’s Murano IoT Platform and ExoSense Application.

About us

My name: Charlie Grussing-Neitzel
My position: Director of Software Delivery
Company name: Exosite
Country: USA – Minneapolis, MN
Company info and history:

Exosite is a growing, agile, non-bureaucratic, technology focused company looking to add passionate people to our team. The business is focused on providing SaaS software products for connecting smart devices & sensors to business systems & people. The company is recognized for its wide range of integration products that let clients store, analyze and access data gathered from the real world. In addition to its headquarters in Minneapolis, the company also has offices in Taiwan and Hungary.

In addition to world-class, cloud-based technologies, Exosite is also building a world-class work environment. Exosite supports remote work and puts a focus on ensuring employees have what they need to get their jobs done. The Minneapolis office is located in a recently renovated historic building west of downtown Minneapolis, and fosters a creative, collaborative environment of thought leaders, designers, and makers.

From social events and team-building activities to professional development and flexible work hours, Exosite employees are cultivated to thrive both personally and professionally. The team is highly collaborative and provides excellent opportunities for growth at all experience levels.

About the job

Job title: Platform Software Engineer
Job description:


    • Solve scaling and performance needs for our IoT Platform
    • Develop and maintain microservices for our IoT Platform
    • Collaborate with Product Management, Platform Operations teams to ensure the system meetsfunctional and performance requirements
    • Actively participate in Sprint planning and execution
    • Other duties as assigned


    • Detailed understanding of Internet and networking communications protocols for building high performance web services.
  • Experience in building distributed and data intensive systems
  • Experience with Erlang / Elixir required
  • Some experience with any of the following technologies:
    • JavaScript / node.js
    • PostgreSQL / Redis / Cassandra / MongoDB
    • Linux / Github / Docker
    • Go, Lua, Python
  • Desire to learn new technologies as needed
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth technical environment and is passionate abouttechnology.
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Highly-motivated, self-directed, goal oriented, hard worker, able to multitask and prioritizeappropriately.

Salary range: negotiable, show us your talent, we’ll show you the money
Position on remote work: Remote / Hybrid / In-person, makes no difference to us.
Qualifications or experience required: Currently developing against Elixir codebases
What the successful job applicant will be working on: IoT Platform built on a microservice architecture

About the interview process

Candidates will progress through the following process:

  1. Apply at Careers | Exosite | IoT Solutions
  2. Initial video conference interview
  3. Second interview with developers
  4. Small non-time consuming code challenge
  5. Decision to hire

All positions on the site are marked to Minneapolis, MN.
What is to be understood?!

We are based out of Minneapolis so all of our positions reference our headquarters as the origin of the position. I don’t quite understand your question “What is to be understood?!”

Glad to see more companies using Elixir here in the Twin Cities!

@lesliep You want in? :slight_smile: It’s a truly amazing place to work!

Hey @charliegn ,


this roles does not mention remote, even though your post above says remote is available.

Can someone from India apply?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear on my question, but I think the post above illustrates what I wanted to clarify.
It’s confusing checking your job offer after reading your post here.

One would expect to find the most accurate information on your website. I understand that you might want to evidence your siege’s location but as @TwistingTwists observed, there is no mention of remote in the Web site’s description, therefore it’s somewhat confusing.

@crova – Thank you for the clarification. Our website has been updated accordingly to capture the work location options listed here in the forum.

@TwistingTwists – At this time we are looking for candidates located within the U.S. for time zone reasons.


Thanks for the update, one last question if you don’t mind, is the internship position paid?
I don’t think I’m on par to apply to the op offer, and although I am way past the internship stage in general terms, it could interest me as there is some things on your stack that are new to me and I would love to get involved into Iot. .

Yes, it is a paid internship, but I should tell you we are in the final stages of filling those positions (2 open). However, it is a 6 month internship so they will be open again later this year.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep that in mind to later on.
Good luck on your recruitment.

Is this a hard limit? Is +6 UK too far out?

Not at this time. Future postings may include a widening of the time zone range.